Blessings of COVID-19

As the world comes to a standstill I wonder… Being stuck at home may not necessarily be so bad after all! When productivity overruns your purpose, Universe finds a way to slow you down so consciousness can find its way to sneak in. You become more aware of your thoughts, you connect more with those that matter and see life in a whole new perspective… in one that actually matters. You re-evaluate your priorities and start questioning…

What have I done so far and what am I really supposed to do in life?

When did the accomplished feeling of doing more replace the simple joys of life? When you are stripped from your titles and positions, when you can no longer be associated with certain groups or impress others, when your productive routine is no longer running your life, and even when a beauty and fashion regiment is no longer accessible… what are you left with? Look at the mirror and be honest with yourself – Do you like the person that’s staring back at you? Are you proud of him or her? Did you manage to create a life routine that brings you joy or were you too busy being busy, chasing money and titles to impress people that did not matter, by taking for granted the ones that actually did NEED and DESERVE your time and attention?

Stay still…

Everything is always in divine order, whether you think so or not, whether you like it or not. You ONLY have control over your reaction and your choices, nothing else is under your control. Just breathe and flow; no judgement, no anxiety, just flow… COVID-19 gave us all a perfect opportunity to reflect on our lives. Being able to stay still in quarantine for two months forced us to pause, pivot and reset. It allowed us to dream again, to connect with what really makes us happy, to re-evaluate relationships we have with people. It allowed us to see that time and money are not what matters. I remember I always said, “If only I had the time, I’d clean up my car interior sparkly clean.” Well a month into lock down, that car hadn’t been touched. It made me wonder… Now I understand that time was never the issue, it’s Energy we are after… that feeling that sparks joy and fuels action. But it is hard sometimes to connect with that feeling during inaction, when your mind is blocked and your heart is heavy. It helps to prioritize and just act on things that get stuff done, and the joy will follow. When fear runs the mind, it goes into a block or overthinking mode, which in its turn drains the energy, so we start giving in to procrastinations, laziness and disruptive habits slowly creep in.

It’s important to understand that it’s ok to slow down, it is even ok to fall off the tracks, and maybe indulge a little more than usual considering the circumstances of being on a lock down. Be gentle with yourself and don’t judge yourself, you are still human and balance is a skill that takes a lifetime to master. Just try not to allow this to become a habit. Snap out of it as soon as possible, because whatever you do for a long period of time, becomes a habit, which then turns into a lifestyle. We all know how much more difficult it can be to reverse habits, and especially change life styles. So start TODAY and pay attention to all the small choices you make or not make throughout the day, because each step is a choice, and so is inaction. Ask yourself whether that choice is in line with your standards of integrity, whether it makes you proud of the person you are, whether it aligns with your long-term goals. There are ONLY 2 choices – love or fear… the choice is yours. And remember, fear is an illusion created by your mind to keep you safe in your comfort zone, so choose LOVE every time, even if it scares you! 

Thank you COVID-19 for all your lessons and blessings…

Ava Mucikyan
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