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Addicted. I’ve been suffering for a year with ear infections, sinus and allergies that came from left field. After my 2nd visit I am grateful to have ears that aren’t hardly plugged and my face doesn’t feel as though it’s in a vice. Today is day 3 in cave.

Awesome place for relaxation, here for the ribbon cutting with the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce.

I love this place- it is designed to help your respiration and I feel it is one of the reasons I haven’t gotten ill this flu season. You sit in a room (cave) that is completely built out of Himalayan salt block, even the floor is salt. There are chaise lounges in the cave, blankets, and you just relax for 45 minutes while they pipe in salt infused air. If you like to meditate, this is a great time to meditate. I find it very relaxing. The staff is very knowledgeable and can answer your questions. They also offer yoga in the salt cave (I haven’t had a chance to try it yet). A nice place to escape and have some quiet time.

This multi purpose therapy location is wonderful. The salt therapy room is very relaxing and feels great. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I have had several facials, a hot stone massage, restorative yoga session and a reiki session. Come try it! The owner is Ava Mucikyan and she is great!!

I was having bad allergies and vertigo. Went for two salt treatments and have been doing fine. But I bought a package of treatments just in case

What an awesome atmosphere! Very calming yet energizing at the same time! A must try!

My friend made me come here with her and to be honest I wasn’t interested. I didn’t get it.

The store is very cute and I noticed all the salt lamps that are on sale. My friend has these all over her house and she even has a few at work. They are very pretty and there are so many different sizes and all sorts of shapes. The salt cave itself was very cool. It’s salt from bottom to top and I’ve never seen anything like it before. You sit down in a comfy reclining chair and get to relax for 45 mins. The air feels so weird and once you begin to breathe it in you magically start feeling better. I’ve been coughing like crazy and I didn’t cough at all in here. I liked it a lot and will be back. Sometimes trying new things that sound weird is worth it. The lady checking us in was also very nice.

Salt cave in Vegas!

Who would have ever guessed that this exists in my neighborhood! When my friend told me about this place I couldn’t believe it & after trying it I still can’t believe it’s so close to my house! I loved every second of my experience here!

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Very cool experience. I only got to relax/play with my son in the “kids room” for 45 minutes, but I can imagine how much nicer it would have been by myself in “the cave”.
It’s room temperature with toys for all ages (the wooden blocks and large Legos were his favorite) and a TV with Netflix so you can watch a kids show.
He has allergies this time of year so I was looking for a more holistic approach to treating it, because over-the-counter medicine makes him cranky.

I will definitely be coming back. It’s typically $35/hour for adults and $25/hour fir kids, but you get $10 off during your first visit. They also have “happy hour” deals from 11-3, and a monthly unlimited membership which includes a free guest pass. So there’s lots of discounts to take advantage of.

Great place with very kind and friendly owners. Kid friendly place. Kids room has salt beneficial treatment as well, while they’re busy playing or watching tv/movie (Netflix), lots of salt product such as lamps, candle holders , oils, scrubs, kitchen salt and much much more. Enjoyed every second with my kid and partner. Partner fell asleep for being so relaxed. Love the special scrub they have in the bathroom by the sink! They have special packages and very affordable. Found them on Amazon local and glad I did. Will definitely come back for more sessions and massages. Definitely recommending to friends and family. Ty salt room!!

A great natural way to deal with allergies!  Great staff, comfortable zero-gravity chairs in the Salt cave and wonderful meditative music.  I love this place!

I began my experience with the Salt Room in March, doing a 45 minute “Halotherapy” session every week, in an attempt to find relief from spring allergies & acute sinusitis. Meds from doctors and over the counter quick fixes, were making me ill, costing me money and were simply not working. I found that going once a week gave me almost instant relief for a few days, but I could hardly wait to get back when I couldn’t breath again. I am a poster child for “halotherapy”. Smoked for 40 years, triple bypass 4 years ago and consistent hives from my heart meds, to name only a few of my issues.

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Perfect way to disappear from the world for an hour for some relaxation and peace & quiet.

I have been comming for tone, strech and Halo Yoga clases for this past month of March. The instructors Judy and Man are both amazing Ladies, that guide us throught the practices which are relaxing, rejuvenating and very health benefiacial. I love spending my weekend practice and relaxation sessions at Salt Room LV. Very warm and friendly staff, and the owner Ava is a true “Gem”,and we are very fortunate to have her as a part of our community. I love and highly recommend ‘ Salt Room Wellness Center”. Thank you and Namaste….

The location is easy to get to, the space is relaxing and the staff friendly. I did the Sunday meditation and it was everything I was looking for, I left with a sense of revitalization I have not felt for a long time, my lungs felt clear and still do, my ability to breath is great! A great discovery and a great idea manifested!

The location is easy to get to, the space is relaxing and the staff friendly. I did the Sunday meditation and it was everything I was looking for, I left with a sense of revitalization I have not felt for a long time, my lungs felt clear and still do, my ability to breath is great! A great discovery and a great idea manifested!

Sink into a chair, relax and breathe in the salt air. Salt can help skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema and a range of respiratory ailments, including colds, asthma, allergies and bronchitis. Clinical studies have confirmed the benefits of salt for certain conditions!!!

We both loved it. DH liked so much more than expected…already looking forward to return visits as we bought a package!!

I adore this place. I just cant get enough! Working in the healing arts myself I know how important cleansing and detoxing are. At the Salt Room LV all you have to do is pull up a chair, it’s that easy.

The best shop to come to the Summerlin area! As a long time sufferer of asthma and allergies, I was very excited for the Salt Room. After leaving San Diego and it’s salty air, this is a great alternative. Check it out!

Nice place. Relax while breathing the salt. They have some salts for sale and salt lamps. They also have nice kids’ room ( while parents are enjoying salt therapy)

This place is amazing! The energy is fabulous and I can’t wait to go back! They have awesome Christmas packages and gift ideas!

The Salt Room is a gorgeous and restorative healing oasis in the desert!

HALO yoga was amazing

The salt cave is awesome. If you want to do the meditation, which is also awesome, they will be doing that the last Wednesday of every month. They have the anti gravity loungers that you just lay back and relax. The lights are low and have a soft glow from behind the salt covered walls. The room is infused with pure saline. I could feel and taste it slowly enter my system and bathe my inside with a warm cleansing feeling. It was so relaxing. When I got home I went to bed much earlier than usual and slept so good. When you go remember to take some thick socks with you. No shoes in the salt cave.

Amazing Salt Cave and so relaxing my favorite place… Amazing classes and workshops and yoga and so much more… Staff is amazing and I love the Salt Lamps

Since my daughter was 3 years old we have struggled with allergies and asthma…she has been hospitalized 5 times in the last 3 years (she is almost 7) for a simple cold. Whenever she would get a head cold her oxygen levels would drop rapidly forcing to a trip to the ER.  Doctor after doctor was prescribing steroids, inhalers, nasal sprays among other things. Every checkup at the pulmonologist resulted in a new medication because her lungs weren’t functioning at full capacity so we feared another hospitalization.

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