Setting Your Intentions during New Moon!

Did you know that we are all affected by the moon cycles? Just like the tides, people are also affected by the moon. It comes at no surprise considering we are made of 75% water. New Moon is a great time to reset, reflect and set new intentions. It is not the time for action, but time to self-care, release what no longer serves you and connect with yourself.

Here are a few steps to set your intentions:
1. Take a cleansing salt bath or visit a Salt Room or Float Room
This will help you clear your energy and symbolically wash away the old.
2. Create yourself a sacred space, whatever that may look like for you. For some it is a decorated altar, for others it is a quiet office. Make sure it is clean and organized.
3. Ground yourself! An easy way to ground yourself is by having all four of nature’s elements present in your space. Salt Lamps, crystals represent earth, a candle represents fire, incense represents wind and a bowl of water with salt in it can represent the ocean. Having these elements around you will instantly calm you and bring about a very spiritual feel.
4. Energetically clear your space using sage and palo santo. For those of you who don’t like the burning smell, use the spray version of sage smudge by Ja’Mi (available at The Salt Room)
5. Journal! Once you’ve cleansed yourself and your space from

anything that no longer serves your highest and best interests, flush out your mind. Write down everything that keeps you awake at night. There are on rules or structures to journaling, just let it free flow out of you. How have you been feeling? What’s been on your mind? Write about what you’d love to experience next. What sort of intentions, desires or visions do you have for your life?
6. Write down your intentions and plans. What would you like to do next? Be very specific, see it through and spend some time visualizing the feeling once you are there. Whether you believe in a higher power, spirit guides, angels, or simply your subconscious mind, refer to that source for assistance and give gratitude for that divine guidance.
Essentially, the new moon ritual is a reset, reflection, planning, and getting in touch with yourself. Our whole universe is made up of energy and you have the power to create a beautiful life for yourself. You’re more magical than you’ve been led to believe!
Stay Magical,
Ava Mucikyan
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