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“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” ~ Howard Zinn

As life comes to standstill, I wonder… Being stuck at home may not necessarily be so bad after all! In this time of distress it is especially important to stay calm and focused, as panic and fear only create more chaos. We live in the age of abundance and there is no lack other than the one created in the minds. Before your head lifts from the pillow each morning, you have all you need…

However, when productivity overruns your purpose, Universe finds a way to slow you down so consciousness can find its way to sneak in. You become more aware of your thoughts, you connect more with those that matter and see life in a whole new perspective… in one that actually matters. You re-evaluate your priorities and start questioning… What am I really supposed to do in life? When did the accomplished feeling of doing more replace the simple joys of life? Stay still…
Fear is an illusion created by your mind. Everything is always in divine order, whether you think so or not, whether you like it or not. You ONLY have control over your reaction and your choices, nothing else is under your control. Just breathe and flow; no judgement, no anxiety, just flow…

There are plenty of resources to get us through this phase, and it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to stay resourceful in any way we can. Help is available, just ask…

Here are a few steps to take NOW if you are in distress:

  1. Take it day by day!
  2. Call your lender and credit card companies and ask them to stop charging you interest and late fees for the time being. Every company has implemented a policy for alleviating people’s stress.
  3. Call your Utility, Insurance, and other companies and let them know to you might be late. They all have a policy in place to help for the next 30-60 days.
  4. Cancel all autopays and switch to paper statements, so you can have a better handle of your cash flow.
  5. If you are financially struggling, apply for https://disasterloan.sba.gov/ela/ 
  6. Contact USDA if you fall behind your housing payments 1-800-414-1226
  7. SELF-CARE A LOT!!! This is a good time to slow down, find joy in little moments and enjoy the activities that you’ve always wanted to do. Salt Room will be offering self-care boxes & Salt Lamps for sale with FREE curb-side delivery. Simply text what you’d like to 1-833-444-SALT (7258) and we will fulfill your request in a timely manner. For more updates visit www.saltroomlv.com

Below are some resources available in the community by your generous small business owners:

  1. Superb Maids

Superb Maids – an award-winning cleaning company here locally is offering 15% Off to Healthcare Workers. The have also launched a Grocery & Essentials delivery program. For more information, call 702-721-8858.

2. Mothership Coffee Roasters

Your favorite coffee is now available for purchase ONLINE. Get 15% off your first order + free delivery and shipping locally.

3. SELF-CARE Boxes and Salt Lamps

We are offering FREE curb-side Delivery on Self-care boxes and Salt Lamps within 10 miles of each location. Simply text us what you need to 1-833-444-SALT (7258) and will will deliver it for FREE. Salt Lamps will be available for 30% Off.

4. Young Law Group is offering FREE Webinars. Attend and you’ll receive a free Health Care Directive and $1000 in complimentary legal services.

5. Enchanted Forest Reiki Spiritual Items & More

Local spiritual center is operating currently several hours a day, in case you need to get your spiritual essentials.

6. Healing with Claudia Gallo

Staying grounded is essential now. Get a virtual healing session or peak into your Akashic Records with Claudia Gallo. Here is a FREE Healing Meditation.

7. Money Webinars & Tools by Lisa Chasten

8. Taurean Consulting Services

Online Courses at 95% OFF. Under the Learn with Us Tab. LEARNWITHUS coupon code for 95% off courses from online marketing, Microsoft Office, Project Management and all things IT Related.

9. Délices Gourmands French Bakery  FREE Bread delivery

10. Almanac provided a comprehensive resource guide

11. Everyday Woman is providing a self-care in uncertain times virtual class every Wednesday for FREE

12. Tiger Todd from HERO SCHOOL is offering FREE download of 24 “Superpower Strategies”– life lessons from classic movies and great literature – that entrepreneur parents and their teens can practice together.

13. Naturally organicis staying open! They offer natural supplements, anxiety relief, water, and other natural wellness products that are a necessity.

14.i’MAGiNT LiFE is happy to be of service.

15. Jesse Krueger publisher is happy to share a few books from his library for those affected. take your pick.

16. FREE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES – This is a comprehensive list from accredited educational resources that offer FREE online courses and educational games for all ages.

17. Code Wizards – FREE Coding classes for kids

18. PAULO COELHO posted some FREE books online.

19. SCHOLASTIC and KHAN ACADEMY for KIDS offer FREE educational resources.

20. Every Grain Restaurant is offering Hardship Meals – Text 626-238-7901 for details.

21. Regenerate Medical Concierge is offering FREE phone consultations with Dr. Minesh Amin for anyone in Southern Nevada that’s experiencing flu like symptoms. Call 702.998.8009

22. FREE Workouts:
BeachBody is offering a 14-day free trial right now, which I believe includes access to all their programs: 

FitnessBlender is a free resource for a whole range of at-home workout.


You can always walk/run/hike in fresh air, and don’t forget to self-care a lot…


Breathe well, live well …

Ava Mucikyan
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