Seeds to Happiness Blog #12 – I HAVE A DREAM…

Time doesn’t wait. Indecision will only let opportunities slip by. Pick a path and walk confidently with your heart behind every step.” – Doe Zantamata

I HAVE A DREAM! A BIG DREAM! A dream that one day, all the women in the world will finally understand their worth, unlock their potential, release all their fears and go chase THEIR BIG DREAMS. How am I going to achieve this? I have NO IDEA. But I know this, for as long as my standards of integrity align with my mission, every step I take is going to have this dream in mind. Every chance I get to speak to a woman I plant a seed of inspiration and lift them up to the best of my abilities; every opportunity I get to purchase something I try to support a woman-owned business. These small initiatives are backed by BIG DREAMS, and it is my honor to support those dreams.

I may not have a magic wand to waive and cast a spell as YET, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start small. Who would have ever thought some 10 years ago that one day we will have these little devices in our hands capable to spread news with lightning speed across the world. So maybe very soon I will get hold of MY “magic wand”. But for now, even inspiring ONE person per day is most fulfilling for me.

Find your purpose, find that one thing that makes your eyes shine, your voice shake and your heart full, because THAT right there is your purpose and you NEED to pursue it. THINK BIG, your purpose is not necessarily what you like to do, but the INTENTION behind why you are doing it. Keep asking yourself WHY do I like what I like? Why do I do what I do? Dig deep, get comfortable with WHY until you find the root of your passion, which will lead you to your purpose.

So take a step, a tiny step, but do it NOW, and have no fear as you’ll be guided. Trust yourself and trust your inner wisdom. You have a purpose that is bigger than you and it is NOT up to you to fulfill it or not. There are people who are waiting for what you have to offer to them. You don’t have to have everything figured out, or have all your ducks in a row. Take a step and ducks will line up on their own. For as long as your heart beats and your belly breathes, YOU HAVE A PURPOSE TO FULFILL.

Yours in pursuing your dream,
Ava Mucikyan
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