Seeds To Happiness Blog #9 -Mirror, mirror on the wall…

“Despite how open, peaceful, and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you, as deeply as they’ve met themselves.” – Matt Kahn

Your reality is a holographic reflection of you. Everything around you mirrors your thoughts and your vibes. Every single incident, interaction, accident is a projection of YOU. How is it my fault, you might ask, if someone hits my car? Well it is not your fault; it is, however, a reflection of your current state of being. They say, ‘when it rains, it pours!’ It is exactly that! When you allow your vibration to lower based on a negative situation or incident, you invite more of that into your reality. Hence, the accident or the traffic ticket on an already bad day.

Same is true for the opposite. When you wake up in a good mood, and flow with the day in positive vibes, even work doesn’t seem to be a hassle; no one can bring you down, and somehow you manage to bypass every single negative situation by a miracle. This is flow… When you bring your vibration up, the entire universe conspires to guide you throughout your day and life flows effortlessly.

The trick is to stay tuned in high vibrations. So how can you do that you might wonder? Take a look around at your reality and pay attention to your thoughts. How often are you angry? Resentful? Defensive? Cynical? Jealous? Do you thirst for revenge? If you allow such feelings to take root, they WILL poison you. If this is your pattern, then you most likely have a lot of mean and jealous people surrounding you. Or so you think… but the people are only indicators of what is going on inside of you. You only see people through your own programming. Same person that seems kind to you, may seems fake or rude to someone else, and it has nothing to do with that person. Just like 10 people may all have different opinions of you, but it has nothing to do with you, and EVERYTHING to do with their thoughts, their reality and perception.

Pay close attention to every single situation and interaction. If you just resist the temptation to point fingers outwards and only for a minute believe what you just read is true, you will start to see the patterns, which will help you make small changes towards elevating your vibration. Deliberately and consciously work the magic of the life-mirror to your advantage. Find what you want…

  • If you want to be loved, then LOVE;
  • If you want to be trusted, then TRUST;
  • If you are seeking peace – FORGIVE;
  • To receive – BE GRATEFUL;
  • If you need to be heard – LISTEN,
  • And to be understood, seek to UNDERSTAND!

Next time you look at your mirror of life, may you find only beauty. Remember, you are the master creator of it, so choose your thoughts and feelings wisely and create a life you would want to blossom in.

Yours in reflection,

Ava Mucikyan

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