Salt cave in Vegas!

Who would have ever guessed that this exists in my neighborhood! When my friend told me about this place I couldn’t believe it & after trying it I still can’t believe it’s so close to my house! I loved every second of my experience here!

The shop is located in a large shopping plaza & you can see all the stunning salt lamps from the street. As I parked I was already smiling 🙂

Halotherapy is incredibly popular in Poland & being Polish I felt like this was a little slice of home! Poland has numerous salt caves & they are incredible. I’m very lucky to have a few salt lamps from Poland in my home & there are so many health benefits to them. They also look beautiful & give off the most incredible looking glow in any part of your home.

I don’t know if salt caves cure anything but what I do know is that they are incredibly relaxing & that is something most people need. This particular experience lasted 45 mins & my breathing felt better. My allergies weakened & my hair & skin felt extra soft. You’re in a room shared with other people & once you allow your brain to slow down & think of all the things that make you happy the experience begins. I didn’t want it to end.

When it was over you have salt particles all over you & I even tasted it on my lips for the rest of the day. Don’t wear black.

This place also has many other great things going on like massages, meditation, yoga, body treatments, facials and sells beautiful salt lamps in different sizes & shapes. The lady running the front desk was also very nice.

This is a very unique experience & I highly recommend it to everyone. We all need to slow down & find ways to relax. This place is beyond special. It will definitely become a part of my monthly routine to take better care of myself.

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