Seeds To Happiness Blog #5 – You are the Star and the Playwright of Your Own Movie!

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…” William Shakespeare

Most of you have heard about this quote by legendary Shakespeare, but have you really thought about it? Nothing in life is happening TO you – everything is happening FOR you and THROUGH you.

Every situation in your life is a scene waiting to unfold and everyone that crosses your path is also an actor that has a role in your life. Just this one perspective shift alone can change your view and your reaction to life.

Some people cross your path to change your direction, some people are strategically placed in your live to wreck your boat. The important thing to remember is NOT to get caught up in the blame game, and UNDERSTAND that there is a very good reason that s/he happened to play the role of the ‘bad guy’ in your life. Don’t shoot the messenger!

If you just tune in well enough, you will always see the magical purpose of each encounter. Look back at your life, you will notice that you have always got what you wanted. The process of getting to your goal may not have always been as you envisioned it, but the end result is always what YOU wished for. This is because you are not only the Star of your movie but also the Playwright. YOU create YOUR reality with your thoughts and what you focus on manifests.

When you make a wish, the entire Universe conspires to make it happen for you. From the point of conception to the end EVERY situation and encounter is geared towards preparing you and equipping you with necessary skills to achieve your end goal. Our main problem as humans is that we like to be in control of the process (or we think we ever are). What we don’t understand is that we don’t have the capacity to manifest things as precisely as the Universe does. So we get too caught up in our little dramas and expectations creating unnecessary negativity (resentment, anger, frustration) forgetting that EVERYTHING IS IN DIVINE ORDER…

Once the goal is accomplished and you are able to look back, you see that every situation and every encounter, every lesson and every painful moment was necessary in order to gain the wisdom, the strength and the skills to achieve the goal you originally wished for. So…

  • Make sure you are creating a move that you’d like to Star in,
  • Get excited about ALL the scenes in your movie,
  • Stop the negativity by keeping the END result in mind,
  • Surrender control, keep the faith and TRUST the process,
  • Gear up with patience and buckle up,
  • Get some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show. 🎥
Yours in writing your movie,
Ava Mucikyan
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