Since my daughter was 3 years old we have struggled with allergies and asthma…she has been hospitalized 5 times in the last 3 years (she is almost 7) for a simple cold. Whenever she would get a head cold her oxygen levels would drop rapidly forcing to a trip to the ER.  Doctor after doctor was prescribing steroids, inhalers, nasal sprays among other things. Every checkup at the pulmonologist resulted in a new medication because her lungs weren’t functioning at full capacity so we feared another hospitalization.

I had heard briefly about halotherapy but never looked into it.  My mom sent me a link to the salt room and I started researching.  I had nothing to lose at this point so without getting my hopes too high, I bought a package of ten treatments knowing one wouldn’t do much of anything….boy was I wrong, after the FIRST  visit my daughter was coughing up junk I never thought was possible.!! We kept going every couple of days and after her 6th session, she had a follow up with the pulmonologist….they were astounded that her lungs were COMPLETELY CLEAR!!! She had perfectly functioning lungs for the first time in years. I was brought to tears knowing full well that the halotherapy is what did it…I must add, I NEVER  filled her prescriptions of poison that they gave us, I was not going to pump my little girl full of this damaging stuff. So the test results were WITHOUT the helps of MEDS!!! I am so so grateful to the salt room and that I have found them….my daughter enjoys going as everyone is so pleasant and welcoming, but most importantly I know how much it is helping her heal.

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