Ana Cecilia Martinez

Ana Martinez comes from Guadalajara, Mexico and specializes in health and wellness. She is a vibrant soul and brings light with here wherever she goes. Ana Martinez is a Holistic Psychologist, Montessori Teacher, Fitness instructor, Psychic Medium and Healer with more than 18 years of hands-on experience practicing all over the United States. Over these years Ana developed her own Healing technique, that includes cell memory reprogramming, kinesiology, angel work and channeling.

Beyond Wellness Healing
“Everything started when I got very interested in Healing and letting go of emotional stress. The way I heal my clients, I uncover what triggered the emotional blockage and remove it by theta state of brainwaves, reminding their brain what wellness is. It is a very simple and effective process if you are ready to heal.”

We are thrilled Ana chose to call The Salt Room home. She conducts Group guided meditations in Spanish as well as Individual Healing Sessions in English and Spanish.

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