Seeds to Happiness Blog #2 — The Grace of Courage 🦋🕊

“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is not weakness, it’s courage.”
– Katherine Henson

Did you know that the original meaning of Courage from Latin is Heart? I think there is a deeper reason for it that got lost overtime. Courage is not the ability to hold it all together and be tough, but the ability to show up and let yourself be seen as Brené Brown would put it. The real courage is to be soft, loving and forgiving. THAT is true strength of the heart.

As children we are very in touch with our feelings and emotions; we are all born with lots of love and compassion in our hearts. Regardless what hand we were dealt with our love was unconditional. We were all born as soft gentle souls, but somewhere along the way we were convinced that softness is a weakness, unconditional love gets us hurt and sensitive people can’t survive this harsh world. So we started running away from it and chose to join the majority in order to fit in.

You have a choice today to have the courage to yield to your soft soul and understand that you can only heal with love. Have the courage to let go of all anger, frustration, jealousy or any other low vibrational emotion, and elevate above your circumstances. You will then find your inner wisdom to see the bigger picture of life, find your inner calling and surrender to the flow of life with grace. And remember, hard and stiff is bound to break eventually. Have the courage to be soft and flexible again and you will liberate your soul.

Yours in courage,

Ava Mucikyan

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