Setting Intentions for 2020

As we are fast approaching the end of yet another year, slow down and review what you  have and have not accomplished. Then set your intentions for the upcoming New Year 2020!

One of my favorite things to do is to manifest my intentions with candles. Once the candle is lit, pay attention to the flame. Does it remain still? Does it emit smoke or does it dance? Does the flame crackle and pop?
These are things you should pay close attention to.
A flame that dances or flickers is telling you that there is a lot of energy and things will manifest quickly. If the smoke wafts toward you then your prayer is acknowledged.
Here is a ritual to do on New Year’s Eve. Get a candle different colors for different results. A pink candle to attract love as well as happiness; to attract money a green and a gold candle; for peace a white candle.
You will also want to use parchment paper to write your desires on it; recite it before you light the candle. Place the paper under the candle and each day read your request preferably at the same time, until the candle has burned out. Then wait to receive your answer.
I will have some manifestation candles at the Salt Room for you to purchase if you so desire. I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!!
Best Wishes,
Ronnie Tice
Spiritual Intuitive
The Salt Room


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