Seeds to Happiness Blog #23 – Your purpose is bigger than you!

“The basis of your life is freedom, the purpose of your life is joy,” – Abraham Hicks

You can’t run away from your destiny… Sounds familiar? Well it’s true, because if you do, you’ll be miserable and completely out of alignment; doing unfulfilling things you don’t love to do and wasting precious days moving farther from yourself. On the contrary, when you tune into your purpose, you plug into your matrix, synchronicities amplify, deja vu’s become more frequent; and all of this is simply your confirmation, your guidance that you are on the right path. And when you finally get back on your rails and stop hustling off the tracks (which could be very painful – imagine a train driving off the tracks), magical things happen. You feel a sudden rush of energy flowing through your system, you feel motivated, happy, excited, you find yourself surrounded by people who share your vision, who finish your sentences and complete your thoughts. It’s almost like a breath of fresh air and a confirmation that you are neither crazy nor alone. Once you align, life flows easier, the wind of success just picks you up and effortlessly pushes you forward towards manifesting your dreams. We usually call it catching a wave, or a streak of luck. What we fail to recognize, is that wave does not have to stop, and yes there are always dips in our journey, where our learning curves reside, but if you are tuned into your matrix good enough, you easily identify the lessons, quickly learn them and move right on. It’s almost surreal how such a simple realization can take us sometimes decades to understand.

So how do we tune into our purpose?

  1. Nurture your dreams and work on them regularly at whatever stage you may be! Create a plan and start with the end in mind. Break it down into bite size achievable goals and work on it daily.
  2. Stay flexible to change. You’ll notice throughout your journey things will shift and change. Make necessary adjustments to your process to stay in flow. Instead of doubting yourself check back with your standards of integrity (Read Standards Blog).
  3. Stay focused. Remember, in life it’s easy to get caught up in your daily drama and start looking at things with a magnifying glass. Instead… from time to time, distance yourself from it, look at your journey from a bird’s eye view – where you are, where you came from and where are you going. Then go back to the original dream and make the necessary adjustments.

And when you get stuck, remember, you are NOT alone. There is plenty of help around you if you just reach out and ask for it. Identify your issues, and instead of getting involved with them, look for solution options. And believe me, for as long as you are searching you will always be guided to find your answers.

Yours in tuning into your purpose,

Ava Mucikyan

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