Seeds to Happiness Blog #22 – Open your heart to settle your mind.

“If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.” ~Pema Chodron

Overthinking is your straight shot to NOWHERE, because it ONLY happens in your mind. And your mind can be a very dark place to be at times. It sure has a lot of twists and turns and it LOVES DRAMA; so it puts together some puzzle pieces by plugging years old information and programming to create the PERFECT CASE, which then it takes to litigation trying to defend “your best friend” EGO – all on its own.  Have you noticed you are still in your mind? This vicious cycle can go on forever, considering that you are always going to add bits and pieces of information (aka puzzle pieces) trying to perfect your case. Each time you revisit your case your heart beats faster, anger and anxiety take over, and you get out of breath. This is an extremely dangerous spiral to wind down in, as this litigation can take years of your life and incredible amount of energy (Read Energy is your Currency Blog). The longer you stay in the depths of your mind the more you alienate from your HEART, which is where the SETTLEMENT of the case resides.

Instead implement these techniques to help open up your heart and settle the case of the mind:

  1. PAUSE! Breathe through each tension, anger trigger, anxiety attack… simply take 5-10 slow deep conscious belly breaths. You will instantly feel more peaceful.
  2. Ask yourself, “What else is possible with this person/situation?” You may not have an instant response in your head, but keep this question in mind each time you find yourself overthinking the same scenario. And remember, there is ALWAYS another perspective, another resolution to each and every situation; however it is hard to see it when your mind will only feed you the ONE and only tunnel version of it.
  3. If possible, COMMUNICATE… OPEN A DOOR! Start a conversation, any kind of conversation, then listen actively with an open mind and open heart. People tend to share a lot of information by their body language, use of words, and energy. Observe with curiosity.
  4. Refrain from interrupting or jumping into conclusions. If something is unclear, don’t fall back into your default state of overthinking to validate your case, instead ask clarifying questions.
  5. Most importantly communicate from your heart – don’t be scared to share your feelings and be vulnerable. There is a lot of healing from this alone.

Most of the time what you think is happening around you or what you think people think is far from the truth. The overthinking is caused by insecurities, old trauma triggers, as well as life programming. Each person formulates their own case based on their own programming, which has nothing to do with you or your version of the case. Communication from the heart opens doors to healing and settling unresolved cases, it bridges the gap and dissolves boundaries, making us one again. So next time you find yourself in the downward spiral of the mind connect back with your heart.

Yours in opening up your heart,

Ava Mucikyan


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