Seeds to Happiness Blog #16 – The Sky is The Limit?

“The sky is not the limit, your mind is…” – Marilyn Monroe

I asked my 6-year-old son Ethan if I could buy his cheeks how much he would sell them to me for, and he said, without hesitation, $100,000 dollars. Then I asked what would he do with $100,000 dollars? He said of course, he’d go spend it all on toys. Could you imagine how much fun Ethan would have spending that $100k on toys??? Do you think he would be thinking about running out of money? Or that he’d never have a chance to get more money??? No, he’d spend it down to a penny and ask for another toy tomorrow. And guess what, the universe would provide him with more; somehow, somewhere, we would come across a friend or relative who would gladly get him the toy of his liking for some odd occasion.

So why are we, the people, so worried about not having ENOUGH money??? Where did this scarcity mentality around money come from? You see, we were all programmed into scarcity mentality. All of our money saving values and beliefs were generationally instilled in our DNA from ancestors who lived through war, poverty and god knows what else. These values come from collective generational programming. We don’t even understand how lucky and blessed we are to be living in this generation. This lifetime is ABUNDANT, most everyone on the planet is SAFE on a daily basis, there is more than ENOUGH for everyone. Yet our mind traps us in this scarcity mentality of lack and need for more to feel safe and comfortable.

You see, the difference between Ethan spending the 100k and you spending the 100k on something that you absolutely love, is the feeling of scarcity, spender’s remorse, the guilt of blowing your last penny on fun vs responsibility, and the fear of not having enough for tomorrow. All of this is incomprehensible by a pure child’s consciousness who has not yet been programmed by scarcity and instilled with fear. Those exact feelings are the ones blocking you from receiving more from the universe. If you could slowly train your mind to tune into ‘deserve’ program vs ‘scarcity’ you will slowly get the toxic feelings of fear, guilt, remorse out of you, and when you have trained your mind on abundance vs scarcity you are ready  to manifest all your wishes into your life.

Now don’t go blowing it all tomorrow because you’re not ready yet; sure do it if you can also not feel guilty the next day. Start small:

  1. Say ‘Thank you’ and ‘I deserve it!’ and build the feeling up slowly. Spend money on things you love, reward yourself for little things, lots of self-care and self-love is key.
  2. Lift the limitation belief around money, block negative emotions of guilt, remorse, etc. and start feeling comfortable around abundance.
  3. Live the life you’d want to live if you had more resources within your current affordability. From the moment you wake up do exactly what you would want to be doing throughout the day, just use your imagination to fill the gaps.
  4. When making a decision around spending, don’t base it solely on lack of resources; consider other factors.
  5. Finally, if it makes you happy and brings you joy DO IT! YOU DESERVE IT!

The sky is NOT the limit. The universe is abundant. The amount of money is irrelevant, it’s about getting comfortable around abundance, tuning into the positive feelings and owning the confidence around whatever lifestyle that appeals to you.  Everyone may want a prince charming, but not everyone is ready and willing to take on the royal lifestyle. When you lift your limitations and flow with it, universe just provides. Life is never meant to be lived perfectly, so be thankful for the opportunities that come across your path and be open enough to receive more abundance.

Yours in being limitless,

Ava Mucikyan

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  1. Lisa January 10, 2019 at 7:23 am #

    Love you woman. Yes, we are so blessed and abundant! Cheers to that💋

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