Seeds To Happiness Blog #6 – Happily Ever After Starts with a CHOICE!

“This present moment that lives on to become long ago.” – Gary Snyder

Life is comprised of moments, which turn into days, which then turn into months and consecutively – into years, that eventually come to makeup YOUR WHOLE LIFE. Every morning when you wake up you make tiny little decisions that have the most power over your entire life. What’s the first thing that crosses your mind? Is it positive or negative? If it is negative, it is your choice to consciously switch that ONE thought into a positive one and see a blessing in THAT particular moment. During breakfast you have the choice of having a bagel or a smoothie, which one would you choose to nourish your body with? Again, seems like a simple innocent choice, yet consistently choosing the bagel will have long-term health consequences. Someone angers you at work, what do you do? Respond with anger or chose to not react out of impulse? By responding out of emotion, you feed the negativity; while you have the power to stop it from spreading. Similarly, every moment during the day you have a CHOICE! Those little choices are what makes your day a bad day or a great day. And one day this moment will become your long ago, the moment you’d like to remember with a smile.

Every choice you make wether big or small has consequences. Just think of how many events in history could have been prevented, had we made a conscious loving choice. Regardless of cultures and religions, every human in this world knows the language of love and kindness, as we are all hardwired with consciousness and compassion. Sure every choice has consequences, but most importantly, YOU are the one who has to live with the long-term consequences of every little choice you make. It is that simple – just make conscious choices, practice the pause, and always ask yourself – is this choice fueled with love and kindness or is the underlying temporary emotion trying to push you to act on an impulse? Always choose to stay in your power and always choose LOVE.

Yours in choosing love,

Ava Mucikyan

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  1. LaWanda July 30, 2018 at 11:15 pm #

    Thank you for opening my eyes 🙂

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